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Epoxy resin is now one of the most preferred choices of flooring for contemporary design schemes.

There are many different resin finishes available; you can get a:

• polished matt
• neutral
• bright
• and in any colour!

Resin is the perfect option for a practical flooring. It’s stain and dirt resistant and the best option for areas with heavy footfall like a porch or hall or offices, kitchens and bathrooms for businesses. Resin is also hypoallergenic and a perfect replacement for carpets. It can also work with all types of underfloor heating.

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We have been considering resin flooring for our hall and kitchen for a while now but have been apprehensive, upon discussing options and benefits of this flooring option with the lads at Custom Resinz our worries were abated. So happy with finished project all my friends and families now considering this for own homes. I'll post pics soon. thanks again.  

Andrea Ross, Aberdeen